Sometimes you install things and want them to load on startup. Writing startup scripts is the way to go! Another method to have scripts run at startup is to place them in the right folder, with the.

DD-WRT Script

Since flash memory doesn't get erased on startup, your "startup script" will remain with every boot and will always execute. A good trick for entering long scripts that, say you downloaded from the internet, is the Paste function of Windows Telnet. Now type the final " and hit enter to save.

You are still technically typing on the same command line, even though you are using multiple lines When you type the final '"' and hit [Enter] you'll see the prompt change back and your first command has been executed.

For automating or testing the web interface, the free iMacros Firefox Add-On can be used.

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You can record and replay your activities inside the web interface. Simple nvram scripts are fine for short scripts, but if you'd like to do a lot, or if you'd like to easily manage your startup programs, the best method is through using shell scripts. Shell scripts make it easier to write long scripts that in turn wget executable files or scripts from the internet, or ipkg -d ram installcopy pre-made configuration files from the flash partition, etc. This means you don't need to save as much stuff in router flash space nvram, which is rather limited but you can instead fill up the much more prevalent RAM without having to manually re-install and configure your program s on every reboot.

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And, since every program gets its own script, removing a program from the next boot is as easy as deleting, moving, or renaming its startup script file.

Write a shell script for each program you would like to run on startup. Because of the design of the DD-WRT system, your shell script could end up being run periodically, and not just at boot for example, all. Enable JFFS to get some semi-permanent storage space. You may need to create this directory. Making your script executable means changing the file rights to "" Do this through WinSCP or with the command. For more info on this see article Script Execution. The drawback of jffs is the fact it doesn't work on some firmware versions and it is rather small.

If you have a Samba or Windows server running on your LAN you could use the fabulous 'sambashare' option.

dd wrt scripts

This adds a vast amount of writable storage to your router, and it is possible to set an automatic startup script when the samba share mounts on boot. You can find the samba share options in the web interface under administration. If you set the startup script as in Script Execution option to startup.

See also the Samba Filesystem for details. Category : Scripts. Imprint Privacy Policy. Jump to: navigationsearch. Article Discussion Edit History. This page was last modified24 September To find out how to load scripts onto the router, see Startup Scripts.

GPIO's are wired to different things on different models of routers so you will likely need to change the scripts to suit your model.

Remember to change them for whatever router you have. Broadcom routers do not need an external driver to drive GPIO's. Here is a short summary of my experiments with WRTN v1. This script will enable the button on the right side to act as a wifi toggle. On press the button-led will light up. Alternate script to the one above: This script will enable the button on the right side to act as a wifi toggle.

This script will enable the button on the right side to toggle the wireless status between on and off and to give an indication using the right blue LED on the button. This is useful if you are running a guest network or an OpenWifi hotspot. You can just look at the Cisco illuminated button to see if anyone is connected. When users disconnect, the lights stay on for a few minutes, because the router takes a while to close the TCP connections when an active client disconnects.

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I made a variable NC for number of connections, not thinking that it could be confused with NoCat nvram variables. The "trap lightsoff Whenever the button is pressed to enable the Wifi, the LED will light up in bright white.

When disabling Wifi, it will extinguish. The script could for exemple be used by saving it as "action. This is a cron job that will run every hour and turn off the radio if no clients are connected as requested here. I believe the disconnect response could be improved by changing your keepalive setting in your VPN config. This means OpenVPN will ping the client every 10sec and assume the client has disconnect if no reply is received within sec.

Hope this helps, -onemyndseye Original Post. Here is an updated version that will monitor for activity on ANY tap or tun device that exists. Discuss here. Paste script in "Command Shell" 3. Click on "Save Startup" 4.

Reboot router. To work in AP mode, you must put the mac address. Categories : Scripts Tutorials.Certain scripts can enhance the function of your router with DD-WRT, giving it more features or customizing it towards your needs. To find out how to load scripts onto the router, see Startup Scripts. Change the paths to whatever you like. Have a good reason for doing this, it should be considered a hack until the feature is implemented permanently.

Note: Only do this if you're receiving segmentation faults or your applications are failing to run, and even then only if you feel that this hack is imperative. Also note that if you're attempting this with Optwarethe files are ld-opt. Make sure you're familiar with what you're doing before attempting this, if you end up seeing a lot of segmentation faults when running things like ls, cat, cp, etc, than you'll want to either adjust the above commands, or else put those things into a script and run them manually when you enter your shell.

Reference Thread. Give it a. The ttraff daemon can fill up a couple hundred bytes of nvram space every month. Disabling ttraff and clearing it's old nvram data is sometimes needed for devices with complex configurations, or to keep the router stable.

WRT54G V1.1 Router RAM Upgrade

This script will clear all of ttraff's traffic data from nvram whereas using the ttraff GUI button to delete it still leaves the current month's variable.

If you want to keep always one year of history, use the one below in your startup script to prune old data no cron needed, and it doesn't require a correct date is set e.

As the aim is to reclaim nvram storage and as the startup script is stored in nvram, I tried to keep it the slimmest possible no indentation, no function whose declaration would have store more space than duplicated commands, single command per line to spare one out of the two "; " bytes separator single line return insteadno [tmp]file stored and single letter variables T for Traff or Threshold, D for Dates and N for nvram.

Any other shrink trick is welcome. Should you run your dd-wrt unattended for years with traffmon enabled, you should use this script or you'll run one day or the other into a nvram outage and its fancy effets as wireless changing ciphering mode etc A last word, about the current data set date "detection".

If you have a large firewall script you can use this script to compress it with gzip to use less nvram space. See this thread for full usage info. Please note: syslogd needs to be on, logging enabled, with log level set high, and "accepted" on. Unfortunately that script wasn't working with VSP2's logging. I rewrote it to use dmesg and added some logging messages to help. Thanks go to rasos for the initial script! You may wish to also download curl see ipkgand use it to restart your modem, as some MAC changes may not reflect until your modem "sees" a new address, and they typically only do this when starting up.

Note: curl is sometimes problematic to install.

dd wrt scripts

You should use ipkg -force-depends.To booting on startup see Startup Scripts. How can I protect this file? I want to allow showing this only if you are logged in the web interface!

Please write it here, thanks.

dd wrt scripts

Some internet service providers will drop the connection if there is no traffic for some period of time idle time-out. With these scripts you can prevent this.

For each active IP address on the local network assumed to be a This is handy for finding that person in your LAN whose P2P software opens many hundreds of connections, making the network slow for everybody. The last command sort -gr sorts the results by number of connections, with the biggest number first.

Small one line scripts to give a signal level display in the style of the Linux 'wavemon' program. If you are using the WRT in client mode and connecting it to another AP, you might want monitor the signal level that you are receiving at the client wrt.

To do this we use the 'wl' command to access the details from the wireless driver. The only problem with this is that different versions of the firmware give different outputs. This means that scripts which use the outputs from the wl command must be chosen for the different firmware versions. We are interested in the signal to noise figure and in monitoring it continuously, so we need a small script to do it. Using it in AP mode is more difficult as firstly, you have to supply the MAC address of the client that you want to monitor, and secondly as I havent been able to get the 'wl' command to give a meaningful noise figure so you have to guess of what you think that the noise figure is.

I used the figure 97 as my guess for the noise level, but it is very likely that it will be different at your location. Having to add in the noise fudge factor will probably mean that the signal to noise figure that you get will be wrong, but the script is still useful as it will give a graph which can show you the RELATIVE strength as you move the client around the room.

If anyone knows how to get a correct noise figure, please either add it here or in the discussion tab. Use the echo command to label sections of your startup file and verbose command options for troubleshooting. Category : Scripts. Imprint Privacy Policy. Jump to: navigationsearch. Article Discussion Edit History. This page was last modified11 May This page has been accessedtimes.

Contents 1 Which IP addresses and hostnames are used for wireless clients?The main emphasis lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used. With porting the router database to the new platform the migration of the DD-WRT website is finished.

We now have a firt firmware build available! The firmware images can then be obtained via the Router Database. As some of you might have recognized via the press the FCC intends router makers to lock down their devices to prevent users from changing RF settings to operate a device outside the allowed spectrum.

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dd wrt scripts

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Startup Scripts

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